Assistant Farm Manager

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    negotiable / Monthly
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Responsibility Milk production feeding: Assist with the feeding of stock as directed by the Farm Manager Feeding out and setting up break fences Implementation of an effective weed control programme Assisting with farm walks to collect pasture growth information Assisting with any pasture renovation programme Assisting with any crop establishment programme Applying fertilizer as per nutrient management Implementing irrigation requirements Assisting with conservation of feed Milk production milk harvesting: Assisting with milking as directed by Farm Manager Arriving on time to set up equipment Arriving on time to get the cows in Carrying out milking and teat spraying Hosing down yards and bail area on the completion of milking Cleaning and maintaining the farm dairy, plant and equipment to the standard outlined by the Farm Manager Shutting away the cows Milk production milk quality: Assist farm to achieve continuous grade free seasons by: Helping to ensure only milk of the finest quality is presented for collection Contributing to dairy hygiene and achievement of milk quality Assisting with maintaining hygiene and cleanliness standards in and around the dairy Stock management animal health & welfare: Assist with the management of the animals as directed by the farm manager Identifying and assisting with treatment of mastitis in cows Identifying and assisting with the treatment of lameness in cows Identifying other animal health problems and reporting these to the farm manager Reporting any incidences of bloat or suspected bloat immediately to farm manager Moving and handling animals in an acceptable manner at all times Stock management seasonal management requirements: assist with seasonal requirements as directed by the farm manager Assist with all calving requirements Assist with all mating requirements Assist with all wintering requirements Reporting any instances that require further action Stock management- other: assist with all stock management as directed by the farm manager Assisting with calf rearing as required Assisting with the management of young stock as required Assisting with the management of dry stock, including bulls as required Reporting any instances that require further action Stock management Recording Responsible for maintaining accurate information and ensuring it is up to date at all times Where required, keeping records of all mastitis treatments given and ensuring animals are marked according to instructions Record other treatments as required Observing and recording cows in season Observing and recording cows calved Recording any other associated information as instructed by the farm manager Environmental management: Assist with all environmental compliance as directed by the farm manager Knowing the effluent and nutrient management system Ensuring effluent is managed as per the instructions, including all recording requirements Ensuring all environmental restrictions are adhered to Knowing the regional council compliance requirements Team responsibilities Effectively communicate with farm manager as required Act as effective team member including effectively with the entire team Support relief staff in their duties in the absence of the farm manager Committed to learning new skills and attending appropriate training as agreed with farm manager Health & Safety Comply with all health and safety requirements as outlined in the Health & Safety manual Comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment legislation Maintain a tidy workplace: Look after the farm equipment and environment as directed by the farm manager Putting tools and equipment away where they belong as soon as practical after finishing with them Disposing of rubbish appropriately Storing machinery away in the correct place Maintaining grounds around the dairy and tanker track Completing general farm maintenance and farm development work as directed, notify farm manager of breakages and breakdowns immediately Maintaining any vehicles and tool provided according to schedule, and notify farm manager of any breakages or breakdowns Complete all other tasks as may reasonably and lawfully requested by the farm manager