Clinical Specialist-Australia

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    Fortive Corporation
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    negotiable / Monthly
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Key Tasks

Territory Assistance

•Assist Product Specialist to achieve sales targets and contribute to territory and company sales

•Identify key customers and decision makers

•Contribute to strategies for growth

•Cooperate with other employees to optimise Account relationships

•Identify & optimise cross selling opportunities

•Contribute to innovative service arrangements which build customer loyalty

•Provide customer support on inventory, within company guidelines

•Participate in meetings / Conferences as required

Customer Satisfaction

•Conduct sales and validation activity in a way which develops customer confidence

•Proactively follow up and coordinate service initiatives

•Identify and assist the product Specialist to achieve sales appropriate to customer needs and usage

•Resolve customer complaints promptly and effectively and use “Customer Complaint Procedure” where appropriate

•Maintain optimum customer contact to build customer relationships

•Develop strong customer relationships

Sterrad Capital Performance Qualification Validation Service

•Proactively books Strategic customer PQ Validation appointments

•Uses opportunity to provide site training & In-services

•Uncovers Customers’ needs and identifies cross selling opportunities

•Conducts Clinical audit and staff competency training

Inservice Education & Training (Internal & External)

•Identify customer in-service needs to support delivered health care and use of products efficiently and effectively

•Coordinate inservice education sessions with Product Specialists


•Maintain constructive and cooperative relationships within both own Sales Team and broader team

•Active participation in team related activities and meetings

•Support for colleagues to achieve company goals

•Identify sales opportunities which contribute to the success of others and therefore the Company as a whole

•Resolve problems in a constructive manner

•Initiation of value added activities to assist entire team

Market Information Management

•Submit reports where appropriate

•Report to include qualitative and quantitative information on customer feedback, competitor activity and relevant market issues to support business development

•Maintain up to date customer records

Self Development

•Participation in nominated training programs

•Active self-learning strategies to maintain knowledge

•Focused effort to achieve high levels of performance in knowledge tests and competency assessments related to training

•Effective application of new learning on the job

Equipment, Samples & Expenses

•Responsible expense utilisation

•Effective maintenance & utilisation of vehicle, PC, mobile phone and other company assets

Corporate Ethics & Standards

•Conduct business within ethics and values expressed in Credo

•Comply with Health Care Compliance Standards

•Maintain a responsible and ethical approach along with active pursuit of business outcomes

•Drive defensively

•Maintain vehicle to a high standard of cleanliness and road worthiness

•Safe work practices including manual / goods handling

•Management of biohazards for self and others through compliance with the “Returned Goods Procedure”

•Identification of potential hazards with suggestions for injury prevention

Specific Competencies



Exercises a professional approach to duties, applies knowledge and skills positively, treating colleagues, clients and the public with courtesy and sensitivity.

-is open and honest in dealings with others

-is loyal to JJM; shows personal commitment

-uses credo principles to guide their actions


Competitive Awareness

Knows how to analyse competitors for their strengths and weaknesses and how to analyse markets for business opportunities, but requires assistance to convert this into action.

– demonstrates an understanding of what competitive information to source and where to source it

– makes good use of other internal expertise to assist in competitor analysis

Customer Focus

Consistently strives to delight customers, anticipating needs, exceeding expectations and going the ‘extra mile’.

– ‘lives’ in the account; makes it their business to know how to best match customer needs with own product/service offerings

– takes personal responsibility for following up on customer issues

– seeks and acts on customer feedback from own contacts and senior stakeholders

– acts as the advocate for customer needs with relevant internal stakeholders and senior JJM decision-makers; relays key information about product and service provision

– balances short-term sales objectives with longer-term relationship management

Product Knowledge

Extensive, expert knowledge of products, technologies and strategies, can explain their business value; working knowledge of other JJM products

– is regarded internally and externally as the product ‘champion’ and expert

– continually updates knowledge on own product and that of competitors

Listening Skills

Even in the most difficult situation, consistently leaves the other party with the message that they have been heard and understood.

-acknowledges others’ views

-relays their understanding of a situation with tact and sensitivity

– lets others finish what they have to say

Selling Skills

Able to involve customers in a joint search for products and services to meet their requirements. Anticipates and prepares for how people will react. Upsells products.

– establishes a profile with the client as a provider of solutions to business issues related to product

– anticipates obstacles/objections and develops strategies to counter them

Industry Knowledge

Knowledge of the general issues facing the ‘industry’, significant developments in one particular area, industry contacts, movements within the industry and affiliations.

– demonstrates and updates industry knowledge relevant to own product


Achievement Drive

Achieves personal goals with energy and enthusiasm; sets challenging goals for self, and overcomes most obstacles.

– continues to strive for goal as long as it is realistically attainable

– willing to accept challenges which lie outside the general job description

– regards obstacles as challenges to overcome

Business Development

Identifies opportunities to develop new business in own area of responsibility and communicates effectively to the Product Specialist.

– aware of customer organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

– matches this awareness with JJM capabilities

– uses expert knowledge of product and customer to anticipate and deal with objections/resistance

– demonstrates an interest in customer’s business and a willingness to put forward the solutions JJM can offer for mutual benefit

Invariably committed to meeting or beating deadlines, pushing self and others to action, despite demanding timeframes.

– urges self and others to do what is necessary to deliver

– demonstrates a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude

Action Oriented / Sense of Urgency

Performs tasks with enthusiasm and motivation; looks for alternative ways to ensure work is completed.

– can be relied upon to take action when necessary without prompting

– knows when to take independent action and when to defer to others

Innovation / Creativity

Contributes innovative and creative new ideas and approaches in relation to own role.

– within their immediate accountabilities, looks for ideas for doing things differently and better

– shares and discusses ideas with colleagues



Demonstrates flexibility in thinking, and adapts to and manages the increasing rate of change.

– willing to modify position based on new pertinent information

– remains effective when priorities are changed without first being consulted

– seeks variety in daily activity and likes doing new things

– prepared to change views and generally support change initiatives


Negotiates influentially and effectively making a strong impression and without damaging relationships.

– demonstrates a sound understanding and application of negotiation techniques

– balances the immediate commercial outcome with a longer-term focus on the relationship

Relationship Building / Management

Generates tangible results for each party, interacts confidently and employs astute perception with strong listening and questioning skills in familiar situations.

– puts others at ease and establishes rapport through finding common ground

– emphasises areas of agreement ; seeks consensus and harmony

– consults and discusses with broad range of stakeholders relevant to own function

Team Work / Team Building

Exercises tact, tolerance, and humour in team interactions to promote harmony. Accomplishes shared goals by accepting joint responsibility. Contributes expert knowledge to others.

-shares success strategies with others

-offers unsolicited help to colleagues to achieve team goals

-is prepared to offer advice and informally ‘mentor’ new team members


Problem Solving

Defines and solves complex problems relating to work role.

– makes timely decisions based on available information

– uses expert knowledge and past experience to determine and solve real problem

– appreciates the consequences of delaying action

– exercises sound judgment in sourcing other expertise and/or referring on

Planning & Organising (Work Management)

Sets own work priorities, uses tools (eg. calendar, files charts) and time efficiently to meet work objectives:

– makes time for planning

– develops plans to accomplish individual short-term and long-term objectives

– checks progress is on track to ensure delivery of results

– completes objectives on time; meets delivery deadlines

Resilience/Coping with Pressure

Works efficiently under moderate pressure and withstands significant setbacks and interference without allowing it to affect job performance.

– remains positive and optimistic

– bounces back after disappointments or setback

– keeps control over own emotions and avoids public outbursts

– is generally relaxed; even during difficult times is rarely tense for long


Analyses, questions and seeks additional information/ data to assess its reliability and importance, before determining action.

– with customer issues, asks questions to clarify the real issue to be dealt with

– uses specialist knowledge and an investigative approach to uncover the cause,


Radiates an air of confidence in all situations and inspires confidence in others.

– maintains a confident demeanour, even when under pressure or uncertainty

– does not confuse confidence with arrogance

Verbal Communication

Communicates ideas and information in a form well matched to, and well received by, the audience.

– does adequate preparation for communicating their ideas

– knows about the needs and requirements of the audience

– speaks confidently and expressively

– sticks to the point

– addresses general objections and questions effectively

– engages the audience through their approach


Shows total commitment to work despite difficulties; encourages others to take ownership of their own part in solving issues that go beyond their immediate role.

– prepared to be held accountable for own actions and results

– demonstrates perseverance and commitment to expected results

– does not readily seek to blame others for non-achievement


Actively seeks out feedback from different sources about individual strengths and weaknesses; invests time and effort to learn and build on knowledge and skills.

– accepts criticism without becoming over-defensive

– is tough and can ‘steel self’ to cope with unfair/harsh criticism

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