Terms and Conditions

Expertini has the following terms with respect to information gathered on Web pages hosted by Expertini. Such information is received by Expertini.
The terms “we” and “us” refer to Expertini powered by Expertini Limited.

Listing Policy

Our terms are simple for any genuine job poster but hard for any spammer to skip.

You need to strictly follow and abide by our rules while using our website in an honest and fair manner. We have jotted down the required dos and don’ts below.

We aim to connect employers and employees quickly and easily – in the nicest possible way. That’s why we would like to ask you to communicate appropriately and respectfully. We have laid down certain rules which are obligatory for everyone using our site. We reserve the right to edit, shorten or delete any listing that does not adhere to our thumb rules. When using our site, please abide by these rules sternly:

Real listing only

Your listing should be real, authentic and actual seeking to fill the genuine vacancies or looking for vacancy if you’re a jobseeker. We are not the right place for lonely hearts or sales ads. As we are not Twitter or Instagram!

One job ad per opening

Posting the same job ad for same city violates our policies, so don’t do this, please. This includes posting two or more ads which hardly differ from each other but certainly describe the same job.

Nothing wishy-washy

Your listing has to point out clearly what kind of job you’re offering. The main job content and responsibilities have to be named. We do not accept listings which aren’t formulated precisely or don’t contain enough information on the position.

No promotion/advertising

Even though it is understandable that you would want to point out the pros of your company or the potential workplace, we draw the line on ads that seem to be for advertising reasons only. The main purpose of every ad has to be the filling of vacancies and branding of your company.

No rudeness

It is not acceptable to post listings which break the law or lead others to do so. Ads with political, religious or offensive content of any kind are also strictly forbidden.

No sex

Ads which contain or are related to sex/erotica are not allowed. The use of offensive language is also strictly prohibited.

No advance payment

We are very strict when it comes to advance payment. You are not allowed to ask potential employees to pay for anything in advance. This goes for ebooks, flight tickets, insurances, calling hotlines, prepayment for sales products, commissions and so on.


– Pyramid selling
– Glamour or Web Cam Models
– Medical Trials
– Video Promotions

As we are not the online streaming website for Videos as like YouTube

No to payday ads or work from home ads

Work from home jobs may be removed for safety reasons if they don’t seem appropriate. So make sure they are genuine and fair jobs only. Not seeking any money in advance or commercial exploitation in any form as we are not the platform of Google AdWords or Yahoo ads, or the Meta search engines like MSN and Bing!

Contacting us

In case you have queries, concerns, comments, clarifications and requests regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to get in touch with us any time and your request will be addressed as soon as possible.

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